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We work primarily with young people in areas that have experienced conflict or serious discrimination.


Our mission is to promote the "living together" and to create hope through a different way of thinking and acting.


To this end, we encourage and support initiatives aimed at training young people to become agents of change and decision-makers in the service of peace.


We support economic activities that bring different communities together and foster a society in which prosperity is shared.

Who are we ? 

The Foundation's programs focus on the accompaniment and integral education of young people both in their capacity for reflection and discernment and in their technical and professional capacities.​

They can rebuild their lives, accomplish their dreams and share them with others. They get involved in new social and entrepreneurial actions in the service of reconciliation, "living together" and lasting peace.


Impact Hope helps people to build and realize a life project that can also transform future generations.

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Mission and strategies


Find out more about our commitments and the strategies we use to carry out all our projects, in collaboration with our professionals in the field.

What we do


Over the past 12 years, we have carried out more than 27 projects in 20 different countries around the world to help local populations in post-conflict situations.

Who are we ?


Impact Hope is a Swiss foundation of public utility and offers the possibility of tax deduction to individuals and companies also in Belgium, France and Luxembourg

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Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you.​

Impact Hope is a Swiss Foundation of public utility also recognized in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.



Our actions are based on an integral vision of the human being, rooted and guided by the Christian faith.

These actions are relevant and sustainable only if, through them, the human being finds the meaning of his life, the human values that are dear to him and the real freedom.


The foundation's missions are motivated by love, passion for others and an impartial welcome for all people.







« Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it »

Antoine de St Exupéry

Transforming post-conflict societies through the education of young people